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The committee would like to congratulate our resident GermanBhoy ‘HP’ and his better half Monica on their recent marriage in Delhi. Ian and Janice were fortunate enough to attend the wedding and the post match report mentioned that both of them played a blinder as the wedding ceremony (few days of drinking and partying!) was absolutely brilliant!
Hans should be back in Bojangles next week, find a few pics (and video’s) from the event.

Congrats Monica and Hans!
The committee!

Huddle singtim style


Not a night to remember for great football on Sunday as the team continue thier crawl over the finish line, however the singtims as usual made the most of it with a right good farewell party for Mr. Moneybags aka Treasurer Paul B.

As you can the boys managed to stagger behind the bar (pic #1) to get a pic taken albeit there’s a bit of an eclipse off Mark B’s heid that dulled the camera shot!

Pic#2 is Paul passing over the ‘biscuit tin’ to Ian to temporarily look after the funds until a new Treasurer is found. Ian was attempting to find or look for nominations for the new treasurer on Sunday but everyone was giving him the stinky eye :-)

The committee and members would really like to thank Paul for all his service over the years … he’s been Mr Steady for the club and someone you could always count on. A $5 transfer fee was arranged for Paul to move the CSC in Bangkok. The Singtims committee will pass this on in due course :-)

El PRseidente, Ian will also be moving on to pastures new… no transfer fee has been set up yet cos’ nobody wants him. More to follow on with this one as he is a popular as Mo Johnson at the moment.

More to follow in the next few weeks with a new committee being formed.


Another rare wee might last night where it appeared some were enjoying it more than other 😃 As seen above, Pedro ‘studmuffin’ Cassidy prior to trying on his new Singtims t-shirt gave a cheeky pose for the cameras!
Overall a great night for Pedro as he walked away with both first goal and grand national sweepstakes.
We are sure the winnings will be spent wisely 😃


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